Shopping for Fabrics

Susan Senewiratne

Posted on August 16 2017

Mangaldas Market in Mumbai is paradise for anyone who loves fabrics and one of our favourites. It's a large covered market in the busy bustling area around the Jama Masjid (Main Mosque).

The narrow alleyways are conveniently set out in a grid and are full of little shops selling every sort of fabric imaginable. There is so much to see it can be overwhelming so find shop and tell them what you are looking for, take off your shoes and relax on the soft mattress covered floor. Whilst you enjoy a piping hot chai the shop assistants will pull bolt after bolt of fabric out for you to see. Don't worry about the increasing pile of fabrics around you or saying no if it's not quite what you are after. You'll be sure to find many fabrics you can't resist, this is how our stash has grown and grown over the years.

We will be adding some gorgeous Indian fabrics to our store soon.

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